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Telephone: 703.172.3412

Cyberbetting can not do without a domestic manufacturer. World of tanks is the brainchild of a Belarusian company that originally wanted to create a game similar to DotA bet bitcoin on esports. But then I changed the vector and WOT appeared in the world. Shooter in which the player uses his own tank. The battles are often held 15 to 15 and have many differences. This may be an assault on the enemy base or just a standard opposition mode. The game is widely spread throughout the world, especially the CIS countries, China and Europe. During tournaments, betting lines are always open.
Cyberbetting cannot do without League of Legends. Nominally, the game is almost a copy of DotA, but it is newer and more perfect, therefore it is popular with players. Every year there are a huge number of tournaments that you can betting on.

Van Spartan #73, 1081 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

Our Team

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    Anthony Moore

    Founder & CEO

  • team-member-3

    Douglas Morgan

    Creative Director

  • team-member-2

    Kimberly Miller

    Sales Director

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